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Make a song with multiple sides that share a melody/progression but differ in instrumentation, so you can switch between them and it sounds cool. Planning and executing, above and below water, peace and combat, anything that's interesting.

I just think that this kind of thing is cool and it would be cool for there to be more of it available online.

A few examples of this kind of thing in existing games:


  • Each "side" of the song must be uploaded as a separate submission to the Audio Portal.
  • Every side must be tagged #twoside-jam
  • You can have between 2 and 4 sides. 2 is the default, but you can have up to 4 if your creativity guides you so.
  • Red and Blue sides are required.
  • The Red side must be tagged #twoside-jam-red
  • The Blue side must be tagged #twoside-jam-blue
  • If you have a third side, tag it #twoside-jam-green
  • If you have a fourth side, tag it #twoside-jam-yellow
  • Each side must link to the other side(s) in the description.
  • You must allow external API use.
  • The license must at least allow free use for web games.
  • Each song must have the same tempo and length and be aligned. For example, 12.34s in Blue matches with 12.34s in Red. Use the tool I made at https://github.com/goldenPiGames/TwosideJam to test.
  • The song must be able to loop.
  • If it has an intro and outro that doesn't loop, that's fine, but you must include the start and end times of the loop in the description and submission, preferably to the thousandths.
  • You may submit only one song.
  • You may collaborate, but the one song per person rule still applies.
  • You may not upload or update your track after the deadline.

Thread Submission

Make your official submission in the Audio Forum thread.

Because I will be using a custom track switcher, your submission must include the following block of text, which I will copy-paste into my super-special judging tool:

Red: (portal ID #)

Blue: (portal ID #)

Green: (portal ID #)

Yellow: (portal ID #)

Start: (time in seconds)

End: (time in seconds)

Only include the Green and Yellow if your submission includes them, and only include the Start and End times if your song has an intro/outro. The portal ID # is found at the end of the URL.

For example:

Red: 3141592

Blue: 3236067

Start: 12.345

End: 69.420


The jam starts now.

The last day to submit is Saturday 18th, 2021, at 11:59 Eastern Daylight Time. That's 8:59 for you Californians and like really really late at night for you Europeans. Judging will last until I have personally listened to every submission. How long that will take will of course depend on how many submissions are made.


This contest is sponsored by yours truly. After winners are announced, I will get in contact to send the prize directly by PayPal as soon as possible.

Prizes for placement are as follows:

  1. $75
  2. $50
  3. $30
  4. $25
  5. $20


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